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Waterproofing NE

Our Process

We run every project through a 6 step system to deliver our customers a proven and repeatable result: A permanently dry basement.

1. Initial Communication
After submitting your appointment request, we will review your submission and reach out if we need to know more about your project. To respect everyone's time, we want to be sure we are the right company for you before moving forward. Once your project is qualified, we will schedule an onsite inspection and estimate. 

2. On-Site Inspection and Estimate

During this appointment we will define the problem, investigate all possible causes and design a solution. An important aspect of our meeting is to discover your goals for your home. What do you hope to achieve by completing this project? 

Once we decide on a solution, please allow just a few minutes for us to take notes, pictures and measurements. If time allows, we will review your quote before concluding our meeting to address questions or concerns.

3. Moving Forward

Once you accept our proposal, you will be prompted to make a down payment to hold your place on our construction calendar. 


Your project will be tentatively scheduled for our next available date, but please know that start dates are a moving target. Inclement weather, change in scope on an existing project or supply chain issues are all things that can affect our calendar. If a change arises, our office will reach out to you promptly with more information.

​4. Prior to Work Beginning
Please remove as many items from the space as possible. Things that cannot be moved out should be moved to the center of the room if possible.

A demo dumpster (if required) may arrive 1 - 3 days prior to work beginning.

5. Construction
Your project manager will conduct a walkthrough to go over the project and discuss specifics. When the details are finalized, prep and demo can begin.

Our team will be working diligently to complete your project on budget and on schedule anywhere from 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday. Project progress and other questions/concerns will be communicated to you by your project manager and our office as the project progresses.

Change Orders - Homes are not always built the way you expect them to be, and occasionally this affects the scope of a project. If the scope of your job changes for an unexpected reason, we will communicate with you promptly before performing additional work that affects the cost.

6. Project End
A final walkthrough is performed to inspect our work. If any changes are necessary, we will complete them as soon as possible. 

When all is said and done, our office will supply you with the final invoice and a collection of project photos and any other pertinent information for your records.

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