Waterproofing NE


Drain Tile Systems

A drain tile system uses a flexible, perforated pipe under your floor to capture and divert water to a sump pump, where it is discharged away from your home.

1. A trench is dug and drain tile, pitched toward the sump pit, is laid next to the footing.

Weep holes, sheet drain, clean rock, and a flexible drainage pipe to collect and move water away from your foundation.

2. Weep holes are drilled into the block above the footing, and below the level of which the new concrete will be laid. Weep holes allow water in the block wall to enter the drain tile system.

3. 3/4" river rock acts as an added filter to keep "fines" like sand and silt out of the drain tile. In this image, the discharge line from the sump is laid in the trench and will be hidden once the new concrete is laid.

4. Sheet drain directs water into the drain tile system.

5. When the cement dries, the wall is ready to be refinished.